June 2010

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Sua s’dey,


Are you laying out the lounges? And slathering on the sunscreen? I hope so. Okay, are you settled in? I have a quick question; ‘What kind of person are you?’ (asked with an inquisitive tone) I mean: is it; dogs or cats, cake or pie, beaches or mountains, flip-flops or hiking boots, Pjs or ….. ah… something else? Anyway, you get the idea.


Well.. Cambodia is a land of dogs (a little boney but..) and a few cats (though the mice look bigger), there’s not much cake OR pie to be had, but on the other hand there are definitely some beautiful white sand beaches and lush green hills, while the favored footwear is definitely flip-flops over hiking boots. And, where we would throw on sweats and a t-shirt, Cambodians love, what looks like, a casual set of Pjs. Whether it’s running to the market, going for a swim, or just hanging out, Pjs are the practical, comfortable, economical clothing of choice for free-time activities.


A little Foursquare Children of Promise (FCOP) history; we’ve received shipments of shoes and containers of clothes, but we’ve also run into a few snags. Sneakers and the like get wet (rainy season does that). They get moldy, and get… well… smelly. Thus, feet get sores, and sores get infections. Sneakers soon go into a big pile and the kids are back looking for their friendly flip-flops. We’ve also had ‘Aunt Bee pumps’ and ‘Beyonce stilettos’, okay fashionable but a little tricky on the potholed, muddy, dirt roads. Then add that these showy shoes are usually three sizes too big and it becomes more of a circus feat. As with the shoes, clothes have run on the slightly too-huge size. The kids have had fun though. I’ve watched Srey Sore and her twin sister Srey Rong both climb into one pair of jeans while four of their friends piled into a night gown. So, sizes and practical needs here are just a bit different.


Why am I tell you this? Well, I’d loved to set our kids up with some new fun, useful duds and footwear.

You can get flip-flips for a buck fifty and a new set of Pjs for the same. Here’s the story; we have 3,500 kids, FCOP is the largest orphan care provider in Cambodia next to the government itself. If we can get a set of each for the kids that’s just over $10,000. Okay, so that’s a big number, but at the same time, for just $15 you can put flip-flops on 10 happy kids, or give those same 10 happy kids a set of play clothes. The goal then is to put a fun practical new set of shoes and clothes on literally thousands of kids by the time they go back to school on the 4th of October. Let’s see how far we can run this race.


What I’m proposing is a little competition: This is the ‘running neck and neck’ or ‘toe to toe’ part. If you want to get in the race and have some summer fun; you can get started on-line or by sending a check for any amount (remember even a $1.50 puts shoes on a boy or girl) to Warm Blanket Orphan Care Int’l and putting ‘FLIP-FLOPS’ or ‘PAJAMAS’ in the memo. This will show which horse you have chosen for the race; then let’s see which one hits $5,000 first. I will keep you posted as to whether FLIP-FLOPS is ahead by a toe or PAJAMAS is leading by a neck. In the end, both teams will be met by a thousand happy, smiling kids when they cross the finish line. Are you ready to saddle-up? Check out the colorful pictures; you know it’s always good to survey the competitors, then start your run toward the finish line and all those smiling, happy kids.



Warm Blankets Orphan Care International

5105 Tollview Drive, Suite 155

Rolling Meadows, IL 60008


Online: (Row 2 see my picture with English and Vocational Training. Choose the ‘Quantity’ and then click ‘Add to cart’. Please remember to type Flip-Flops or Pajamas in the memo section.)

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