Nov. 2007

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Chum Riap Sua,


Hope all is well in your neck of the world and that you have some fun holiday plans. Aaaaah….the holidays, Thanksgiving is past and we are now cruising in to Christmas. It’s great watching Sopheara, Somar, and Sopheak decorating our office Christmas tree. Before I get into Christmas though I do have to say a few words about Thanksgiving. Believe it or not I also enjoyed stuffing, mashed potatoes and apple pie along with home made pizza, a unique addition. Mot Sou did most of the cooking and Mot Moni was the traffic and ‘how to’ director, instructing the Cambodian crew (their first home cooked Thanksgiving) where to put the gravy, and that the pumpkin pie was a dessert not meant to be sided with mashed potatoes or creamed corn. It was a fun, food adventure.


All together there were about 30 of us, and 1 one slightly spoiled dog. Spud is master of the house, he may be the shortest and oldest, but he is definitely in control of all things related to where napping can or can’t happen and who gets fed when, whether it’s Thanksgiving or not. See his picture and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I put a link to pictures at the bottom.

What’s up with the EVT (English and Vocational Training) program:

Things are going well. I’m getting settled in to my desk space here and have started teaching a few classes as well. We have two locations; the ‘House’ where we live and have offices, and the ‘Center’ where there are two orphan homes, a church, and (a women’s dorm for 300, and medical center –

both under construction). I’ve started my first couple of classes and the other day I had a class of 26 kids, which was so much fun. Wow, high energy! I have to lace up my flip flops for that one.

Great news is that there is a building at the Center with a vacant first floor, which I will be able to use for the Kids’ library and setting up additional classrooms. Wooo Hooo. I just need to get a few interior walls built and shelving installed. So, we are on the way. The kids are excited about the library and we have a first librarian in training. Anyway, we are on the road.

Kids’ Library:

If you would like to open the world and further add to the incredible imagination of some amazing kids, you can help through expanding their library. At the moment we have over 250 books in containers and on the way. I would love to reach 1000 by June when the kids go on summer break so they can jump into one or MANY great stories.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. collect new or ‘like new’ kids’ books for ages 3 – 13 (Dr. Seuss, Clifford are all good, they’re not ready for Shakespeare, yet.)

  2. put together a 20-30 pound box.

  3. Send it MEDIA RATE (20lbs. is $8.59, 25lbs. is 10.29, 30lbs is $11.99)

  4. Send it to: Kris Warner/Kids’ Library

c/o Warm Blankets Orphan Care

5105 Tollview Drive Suite 155

Rolling Meadows, IL 60008


Things seen and learned this month:

1. I’ve learned that both queen sized mattresses and armoires can be delivered on the back of a moped.

2. Doors are installed in stage one of construction to make sure that the building is square and

additional floors can be added.

3. There is a big snake that lives in our yard somewhere (haven’t seen it yet)

4. The Cambodian language has both a ‘ngnoo’ and a ‘gkoo’ sound along with about 40 more that are

very challenging to pronounce.

5. The temperature does actually drop below 80 degrees. Phew!

Yea! I do have a mailing address and phone as well.

Kris Warner / FCOP

PO Box 1216

Phnom Penh,

Kingdom of Cambodia

Phone: 855-012-210-069 (855 is the country code)

Love, Kris

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