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Naome dance blurBethel’s Diamond Fellowship brings Laughs, Love and LEARNING

On a recent visit to Bethel Church in Redding California, we met a room packed full of seniors who had more get-up-and-go than kids called to recess.  Throw in the power of their prayer and this is a very dynamic group. We were invited to share about the amazing work God is doing in Cambodia from the restored lives of such girls as Sa Lida who lost both parent to HIV when she was just eight years old. She is now happily studying in her second semester at university, showing off her sewing talents, teaching English and traditional dance, and enjoying life as a newly wed. She got married in early November.


Lida Sewing

Lida Wedding

lida teaching







We also shared that The Sewing Room is in full swing, and all twelve of the kids in this vocational training program have developed a practical trade, grown their creativity, and saved enough in their ‘Personal Education Fund’ for their first year of university.

Naome demonstrated her years of training in traditional Cambodian dance, and explained the significance of specific hand motions and gestures. Hands show the planting of a seed, blossoming of a flower, and the growth of new fruit.

Ome Dance  Ome Eli DanceOme Hand






As we move forward with the development of the Khmer Hands School of Art and Hospitality, one of Naome’s many roles will be that of dance instructor. Having studied dance for more than ten years as she grew up within an orphan home, she will help to restore her country’s traditional arts while bringing confidence and a rewarding trade to the impoverish youth she teaches.

With the wonderful assistance of Bethel Church’s Diamond Fellowship, we raised enough to purchase our first five traditional dance costumes, or put 25 desks into our first classroom. Either way, it’s an awesome start. Thank you for helping bring opportunity and choice to youth who currently have little of either one.

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