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eastereggs1How are your Easter plans coming along; maybe thinking of a picnic, bbq or a brunch? I’d like to run two ideas by you. Please let me know what you think, and if you are in. It’ll be fun and an incredible help.

1 – Happy ‘I-Spy’ Easter

For kids, families, anyone who wants to have some fun and help. Play a little ‘I-Spy’, keeping track of the number of eggs that, over the Easter Season, you see in a shop window, on a card or in a commercial, as well as any eggs you color, find, or consume in any Easter treat. (If you buy, color, and eat the same egg I’m impressed, but you only need to count it once.) Then consider donating $1 (or more) for each egg in our count. Know that each egg in your ‘I-spy’ count or every dollar donated covers a day in school for one child.

* Please email me for a chart with a fun way for you (and your kids) to keep track of your ‘egg count’. kw.redefinethemargin@gmail.com

I was amazed at the volume of sugar that was bought and went into baking all the wonderful Christmas treats this last year. So, the number of eggs ‘spied’ or used for Easter might also be a surprise. And, with a twist bring a great help to the kids here.

2 – Easter Egg-A-Thon

For your school, church or local neighborhood, maybe there is already an Easter Egg Hunt in the works and if not a small one could be added to your picnic or bbq. I’d like to invite that simple Easter twist, though. Just like a walk-o-thon, the kids collect pledges, but for the number of eggs that they find, rather than laps walked. If for example a friend, neighbor, or church member pledged $1 for each egg and the child found 10, that would be $10 which would go toward bringing education and vocational skills to poor and at-risk kids in Cambodia; preventing trafficking and bringing them a more secure future.

* Please email me for an Easter Egg-A-Thon Pledge Form that can be used. kw.redefinethemargin@gmail.com

KeyLight Kids photo2  Stung Mean Chey  trash truck

Eggs represent potential, and with everyone’s help we can provide potential for kids, who have had little choice or chance, to believe in and work toward a brighter future for themselves, their family, and their community.

IMG_5878 IMG_2107 Waitress

We will post the winning totals for our Easter Egg-A-Thon and I-Spy events here on our KeyLight Learning website and winners will receive a prize sent from Cambodia.

What do you think? Let me know if you have any questions. And, please let me know which one you will jump into. Enjoy Easter, and know that you are making a big difference in the lives of many many Cambodian kids.

Thank you,


PS: If you’d like to make a direct donation, you can send support on-line by clicking here or mail a check to: KeyLight Learning:  12362 Charlie Lane, Redding CA 96003

PSS: Please also watch our KeyLight video introducing the Khmer Hands School of Art and Hospitality.


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