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Khmer Hands School ON AIR  as KQED Discusses Ethical Travel–“Empowering Travelers to Change the World”

Obviously, we are true believers in “ethical” travel and always look forward to Ethical Traveler’s rankings (“Empowering Travelers to Change the World” – Yes!)  While in California, we caught the broadcast of KQED’s Forum with the authors of the new Ethical Travel report and heard one of our donors call in to comment on the KeyLight Learning model for our Khmer Hands school of Art and Hospitality! (The comment airs approximately 44 minutes in. Access the audio by clicking on the yellow play button right below the headline/date on this page.)

Here’s the comment that Forum Host Michael Krasne read about KeyLight:

“Can the guests comment on the idea of non-profit hotels that support a community in need? I just donated to KeyLight  which is building a boutique hotel and school in Kep, Cambodia, that will give at-risk orphans and young adults training in English and other hospitality industry skills so that they can get jobs in the country’s rapidly expanding tourism industry.  That’s one way that the traveler can be sure that the money they spend goes to a good cause.”

Christy Hoover, chief researcher for Ethical Traveler, agreed wholeheartedly:

“Cambodia and Thailand both are way ahead in so many cases in providing vocational and entrepreneurial opportunities for people in the tourism industry…There are organizations out there that are providing not only safety and training and healthcare but new opportunities for them to take care of themselves and their families in the future.”

We were thrilled to hear our name on one of National Public Radio’s most popular talk shows – both in San Francisco and nationwide on satellite radio! Our sincere thanks to Ethical Travel’s experts who are raising awareness of ethical travel choices and validating  KeyLight Learning’s self-sustaining business model as well!

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