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Srey DaSrey Da is now a step closer to attending school, learning a trade, and living a secure future. She and her friends have had no time to study. They spend each day collecting wild vegetables in the forest to help support their families. BUT, with your incredible help this last year we have raised $15,325 dollars toward construction of the Khmer Hands School of Art and Hospitality.

Every dollar is a big deal, and makes a tremendous difference in Cambodia when 35% of the population lives on little more than $1 a day. This is not from a lack of desire or diligence to do more, be more. It is from the absence of opportunity. So, we thank you for bringing hope and choice to impoverished and at-risk youth such as Srey Da and her friend Sothireat who now stays home to watch her youngest brother while her siblings collect firewood.

We are excited to say that today because of your help we are much closer to opening our school doors, engaging, equipping and empowering these two girls and hundreds more children in the village of Kep.

Sothireat 2 One donor has generously pledged a $40,000 matching funds donation. So, your donation and every future dollar donated up to that amount will be doubled. Now, that brings a huge smile!

Our goal is to raise the additional $24,675 by early Spring to meet this incredible matching funds offer. By raising these funds, and matching this pledge, we will ultimately have an amazing $80,000.

These funds will help us break ground on the Khmer Hands School; laying bricks on the first three classrooms and a restaurant/art gallery, which together will provide education and valued job-skills breaking the cycle of poverty for these kids and their families.

Because of your generous support, you are bringing choice and building opportunity for a generation that has not seen either. You are giving Srey Da, Sothireat, and many more children a chance to redefine their future and their community.

Please know that 100% of your gift goes to this goal of seeing all those at-risk and disadvantaged know a safer and brighter tomorrow.

                                                                                        Thank you!

PS: If you haven’t seen it, please take 8 minutes to watch our overview of Cambodia and the Khmer Hands School of Art and Hospitality. You might be surprised. Just click here to watch. Please, share with friends. Together we can make this happen.


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