School is IN at Khmer Hands

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School is IN at Khmer Hands

Well… those six weeks have passed, since Pon and I dove into the local villages to share information about our vocational training program.

And on August 22nd 2016, we started with our first perfect batch of students.


We have six in our hospitality program and four in our sewing program. The kids range in age from fourteen to twenty, all come from challenging backgrounds, but all come to school with big smiles and a great desire to learn. It’s awesome!









Two girls, Sithros (15) and Kathriye (14), are actually too young for the hospitality program because when they would finish the program a year from now they would still be too young for employment. However, not detoured, they come for the English and hospitality classes in the morning and then stay on to study sewing with Navy in the afternoon. They are here from 8:00am until 5:00pm with a short break to pedal home for lunch.

Did I say: “It’s awesome!”?




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