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Khmer Hands School of Art & Hospitality

A vocational and cultural lifeline…

Building on five years of experience teaching marketable skills to disadvantaged Cambodians, KeyLight Learning has launched its biggest project yet:

The Khmer Hands School of Art & Hospitality; a self-sustaining, non-profit, Christian values-based vocational school designed to give at-risk Cambodian youth the job and life skills needed for a secure future.

Based in the increasingly popular Cambodian seaside destination of Kep, Khmer Hands has launched operations based on charitable donations however the school is quickly becoming self-sustaining through revenue from its boutique hotel, which

includes a restaurant as well as ten guest rooms, and is working to develop a dinner theater and art gallery.

As students progress in their chosen field of study, they begin on-the-job training within the school’s businesses; providing an opportunity to gain experience, cover tuition, and in turn reduce the school’s operating expenses. In time, the school will be fully run by its graduates and will become a model for growth in other towns and countries.

Kristofer Warner serves as General Manager of Khmer Hands. His extensive teaching and tourism experience combined with his love for the Cambodian people make Warner uniquely qualified to bring Khmer Hands to reality.

KeyLight Learning is currently fundraising from both private and corporate donors in order to create additional areas of education and reach further into the community. With Khmer Hands already in operation, fundraising will support construction, operations, training, and supplies to accommodate the large number of eager students. For more details; watch our video On the ground in Kep… Growing Education.  Additional information is available by contacting Kris at

Your tax-deductible donation will bring opportunity and hope to at-risk youth, and provide the foundation for a safe and rewarding future! Simply click the buttons at left to donate.


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